ASTRE Palet System® is THE palletised transport solution offered by the ASTRE network.

Thanks to its 11 European hubs and its readily-accessible regional platforms, ASTRE Palet System® ensures that at all times, your shipments are secured and trackable, from the collection to the delivery.

Address / Contact details

ASTRE Palet System®

Rue de la Mare aux Joncs

ZAC de la Tremblaie

91220 Le Plessis Pâté


Tel: +33 (0)
Email: [email protected]


Statistic about company / fleet

  • Founded: 1992
  • Number of partner companies: 160
  • Number of employees: 14.500
  • Pallets delivered daily: more than 8 000
  • Warehousing floor-space: 3 400 000m²
  • Vehicle fleet: 17 000
  • Annual turn over: €

Services offered

  • An ecological and economic solution thanks to optimisation and bulking of deliveries;
  • Our “field of play”: Europe! From Portugal to Lithuania, we cover more than 40 countries across Europe;
  • We handle your goods from ¼ of a pallet to 10 pallets;
  • Guaranteed lead times with tracking and feedback within 24 hours;
  • A robust and shared network with 15 years of experience!

ASTRE Palet System®, an eco-citizen network: 100% of distributors engaged with the signing of the CO2 charter in a campaign to cut down on greenhouse gases.


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